Legal Separation in Ireland

If counselling and Mediation does not work for you & your partner, we will provide different levels of service to facilitate a Legal Separation.

What is Legal Separation?
As outlined on previous pages, marriage / relationship counselling can work for couples and individuals who have difficulties in their relationship and are willing and committed to working at improving things so that they can stay together in better harmony. However, people change and sometimes those changes make it difficult, even impossible, for a relationship to continue. At this point there is no longer any point attributing blame. It is more pragmatic to accept the fact that the relationship that was, has ended and the only course of action is to formally separate.

What is Separation Counselling?
Pre and post separation counselling can be beneficial while both parties process their emotional reaction to separation.
Our separation counsellors focus on helping people to work through their feelings of sadness, anger, hurt, confusion and fear – all of which are normal reactions – and eventually get to a stage where they can go their seperate ways as amicably as possible and begin to think about moving on with their lives, building new aspirations, goals and a sense of optimism.
We can offer a range of professional separation councellors to help you through this difficult time.

What is Legal Separation?
Where an agreement cannot be reached and you must enter a litigation process, we will recommend solicitors for both parties, if required. We have a panel of the top Family Law solicitors in Ireland. We will endeavor to do the following:

– Review each case to see what kind of level of service is required
– We recommend two firms for you to meet.
– We ask for feedback to ensure all our panel are providing the highest level of professional
service to our clients. If for any reason we receive complaints about the solicitors we recommended, they will be investigated and if we deem necessary, they will be removed from our panel.
– We also ensure the fee structure they are charging is the market price by comparison to other cases. If there is a dispute between you and the legal advisory we recommend, we will help to resolve any issues between you both.