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You have taken the first step towards solving your relationship problems. Before you read on, you can rest assure that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

1.1 million people in Ireland every month search the word “separation” on search engines such as Google, which shows that separation in Ireland has become increasingly common. There is help available so relax and read on… At separation.ie we aim to help relationships through a process which firstly gives them the opportunity to solve their problems and therefore build a better relationship and family life.

However where a marriage has broken down and is no longer viable, at separation.ie we provide a step-by-step guide to obtaining a legal separation in Ireland and ultimately divorce in Ireland. Separation.ie is not a legal firm and therefore we have no vested interest in creating additional conflicts for our own self-interest. IrishSeparation.ie has a panel of independent experts who work with us providing the most professional services available in dealing with separation and divorce.